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Air Freight.

Air freight provides the most efficient solution for consignments where speedy delivery is essential.

Dirco Logistics offers a range of flexible services from express to overnight, using either fixed scheduled flights or specially chartered aircraft.

Air freight is the preferred cargo option because:

It is generally attracts lower insurance charges than conventional shipping.
It's safer and quicker than other forms of international long haul transport.
Is generally more secure as air freight has tighter control over its cargo.

Dirco Logistics end-to-end air freight logistics ensure that your cargo is being tracked and we can offer you freighting transparency so that you know in whose hands your cargo is being placed.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most economical, cost-effective form of long haul transportation used today and containerisation has greatly increased the volumes of cargo moved by sea.

Dirco Logistics International offers highly flexible sea freight services. Full containers or consolidated loads can be transported effectively by sea. We also provide door-to-door delivery using our dedicated local vehicle fleet.

The following factors need to be taken into account when considering sea freight:

Frequency of sailing to/from the destinations of your choice.
The actual sailing time between the ports.
The urgency of your delivery requirements.

Road Freight

In Africa, road transportation is one of the driving forces behind growing economies and transforming societies. From small packages to multi-ton consignments, freight can be moved cost-effectively from source to destination in a streamlined, seamless process.

Dirco Logistics uses its own fleet of trucks, tracking each consignment throughout its cross-border journey, while implementing stringent environmental protection and health and safety standards.

Clearing and forwarding

We are reckoned as one of the reliable providers of Cargo Customs Clearance Services in DRC. All the essential documentations are made to benefit the clients with the best of the Customs Clearance Services. The professionals have profound knowledge of the custom rules and regulation that further assist in prompt services.

Contact Dirco Logistics to find out how we can help you with your air freight needs.